Taniya has been rescued from sex trafficking in Bangladesh. She has been taken in by an organsation called Basha Boutique, Basha meaning 'House of Hope'. In her words...

"My name is Taniya. I work at Basha’s textile department. Before joining Basha’s partner organisation, Children’s Uplift Programme (CUP), I was a street sales girl. I sold candy in buses and streets. I married a disabled man. He cannot walk. He makes very little for the family by begging. 

At first I thought I will learn tailoring and do work at home. So I joined CUP’s training program to get tailoring training. I received so much love and care, I didn’t want to leave. I joined Basha Enterprise because of their working environment. My children are safe in the day care center and I can work. 

While I worked in the street as a sales girl I earned more money but there was no honor. I could not tell anyone about my work. Now I can invite my relatives to visit my office. They are very happy to see my work place. I will open a bank account and save money. Eventually I would like to go back to my village and start my own tailoring shop".

Beloved currently has a beautiful chunky knit throw made by Taniya.

You can leave her a message of encouragement and thanks in the review section below to be passed onto her!

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