Shompa has been rescued from sex trafficking in Bangladesh. She has been taken in by an organsation called Basha Boutique, Basha meaning 'House of Hope'. In her words...

"My name is Shompa M. I have a daughter named Jannatul. I have received one year of training from Pobitra. I’ve learnt so many things from the training program such as sewing kantha blankets. After receiving this training I was selected to work for Basha.

I’m very glad that now I have a good job. My daughter stays at Basha’s daycare while I work. This allows me to concentrate on my work. I want to continue working at Basha, and, through my earning, I want to build a good future for my daughter. I don’t want her to have a shameful life like I did".

Beloved currently has a beautiful throw made by Shompa, which you can view here...

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