Heirloom Necklace - mint

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  • The Heirloom Necklace delivers the layered look with a strand of lustrous, glass beads and interwoven metal. Accented with a lovely mint or spice tassel for a fresh pop of colour. 

    • Available in Mint & Spice
    • 38" long, 2 3/4" tassel
    • This item is made by women in Mumbai rescued from human trafficking. Women like Sana, kidnapped from her home at just 12 years old. For the next four years she was made to work day and night, servicing up to thirty men a day. But Sana's story does not end there... 
    • Sana was rescued, and invited to join the iSanctuary program. After watching timidly from the back of the class, one day she sheepishly produced a unique pair of earrings, showing skill and talent far beyond her years.
    • Sana is now attending school and earning an income creating jewelery. She has been provided with life skills, education, job training, medical care and counselling to enable her to move forward. She dreams of one day owning her own business, a dream that will be made tangible from the sale of her jewelry. Read more of Sana's story here...