• Made by Otto: Otto was born in La Limonada, a slum of Guatemala City, Guatemala. He was raised, like many children of the city, with a knowledge of the streets, surrounded by the vast number of gangs that clog the area. He had little support from his parents, leaving him vulnerable to the influence of such violent activity. 
  • However, from childhood, Otto knew he was a different breed. He realized that he loved to help others, knowing that he, “always thought first in the welfare of others more than [his] own”. At 10, he began working as a shoemaker, a skill that has allowed him to rise above his surroundings and help to transform his community.
  • His dream is to involve many former gang members in his business and teach them the skills he has learned. By teaching these individuals, his hope is that they will pay it forward – going on to teach others the same they have been taught. Read more of Otto's store here...